Mission Green Ahmedabad

Green Leaf Trust is on the mission to cover up the deficit of green cover for Ahmedabad and Gujarat and once again make them lush green. For Green Ahmedabad & Green Gujarat, we provide free samplings, free tree plantation at various housing societies, school and college campus’, public/ govt. garden, grounds, open public places etc. and keep caring the plants till they are nurtured.

Green leaf invites youth and welcome volunteers to participate and promote this mission by nature loving people by the exchange of information, knowledge, expertise, available resources, active guidance and participation.


Why Miyawaki Plantation Method? 

Forest cover is being reduced at an alarming rate. Century old trees are being brought down in few hours. This loss is irreversible, but there is a solution to bring back the lost green cover quickly by using Miyawaki Plantation Method.

What is Miyawaki Plantation Method? 

Miyawaki Plantation Method is a Native Forest creation method which is an answer to all the developed and developing cities which are converting into concrete jungles. Miyawaki is a technique pioneered by Japanese botanist Dr. Akira Miyawaki that helps to built dense, native forests.

Why it is successful Plantation Techniques: 

In Miyawaki method of tree plantation, saplings grow 10 times faster and the forest will be 30 times denser. It involves planting dozens of native species in the same area, and becomes maintenance free after the first three years.  In just 2 years, the forest growth is unimaginable. Small patch of forests in multiple locations within the city will act as carbon sink cum Oxygen Park for the city.

Benefit of Miyawaki Plantation:  

In Miyawaki Plantation Various types of native and soil suited species are selected and planted. The saplings will grow 10 times faster and the plantation area plot will be converted into 30 times dense Forest.  The area will be converted into Oxygen Park. The area will be maintenance-free after the first three years.