CSR Activity

CORPORATE/CSR activities are the responsibility as well as an opportunity to a corporate house or a company to give back to society, environment for the sustainable earth and better tomorrow.

We fully understand this need and assist corporate to fulfil their different kind of CSR activities for a better world. We warmly invite corporate houses to join hands with Green Leaf. Together we can bring positive & sustainable change in environmental disturbance.

We organize various social and environmental activities for corporate such as tree plantation, environmental awareness programs, promotion of renewable energies and its sources etc.

Green Leaf happy to share the idea on how to go green in daily life, change you can bring to your life and in the society, green birthday celebration by planting or adopting trees.

We will suggest the various campaigns according to your CRS policy and requirement. Please write us : info@greenleaf.org

Our Events

Serve back to the nature; Be a volunteers of Green Leaf for few hours on the day of occasion or on plant a plantation on your preferable days and you can also work online to help other to save mother nature and serve back to the natures as well.

For more details and CSR activities write us on info@greenleaf.org or call us on +91 9510244040 / 9081455445 / 9998000118.